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2002 Audi A8 Quattro Base (8 Cyl 4.2L AKB) Abs Components

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2002 Audi A8 Quattro Base (8 Cyl 4.2L AKB) Abs Components
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ITEM 1 - 2002 A8 Quattro Base ABS pump assy

4.2 liter

Part Number: 8E0-614-111-E

List Price: $1,459.00
Our Price: $1,276.62
Savings: $182.38
ITEM 2 - 2002 A8 Quattro Base ABS pump assy bracket

All Applications

Part Number: 4D0-614-119-H

List Price: $492.00
Our Price: $369.00
Savings: $123.00

This genuine parts list and diagram shows the Abs Components assembly for a 2002 A8 Quattro Base 8 cylinder 4.2 liter engine. All of these A8 Quattro Base Electrical parts ship directly to you from our dealership parts department.

Some Audi's are equipped with an Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS). This system can sense when your brakes are about to lock up , and adjust the braking pressure in order to safely stop your vehicle in the event of an emergency. The main components of the system are the ABS Sensors, ABS Control Module, and ABS Modulator. The ABS Sensors are located on each wheel, and tell the ABS control module the wheel speed in revolutions. Should there be a sudden decrease in speed which is beyond what the brakes can handle, the ABS control module tells the ABS modulator to engage and limit the amount of brake fluid going to the brake caliper in order to lessen the braking effort. It does this by opening and closing valves, and allows the brakes to operate up to their limit without locking up. This allows you to not only be able to apply the brakes heavily when needed, but allows you to steering while doing so. Now while this system is basic, the parts are subjected to a lot of heat and strain. Should any of these components wear out and fail, then your brakes could lock up in an emergency, and greatly increase the distance it takes to stop.

No known discontinued parts in this assembly. If you believe a part is discontinued, feel free to notify/contact us